Monday, March 7, 2011

Great news guys!

Alright I have a great news to share! Guess what? I got accepted in Poly! Well I'll be studying full time diploma in Ngee Ann Poly, Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management! Woots! It was my 2nd choice though and I'm really happy that I got in! Well at least I don't have to worry much about my future now that I have a school to attend to. Cant wait man! New environment, new friends, new CCA etc! Woo! Thank god it's nearby to where I stay. So for now, I'll just wait for the enrollment package letter. Geez! Damn excited! Gotta buy more presentable smart clothes. No more NUMboy look (with the exception during SW and CCA). Haha. Speaking of CCA, what CCA should I join uh? Canoeing? Dragonboat or Band? Still deciding... Haha geez! I'm so damn excited! Alright, will update next time. Ciaoz!